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Zebrite Bible Highlighters

Looking for a new and exciting way to show your bible's or document around the home? Look no further than zebrite! Our highlighters are perfect for any document you need to make a statement. Whether you have a specific phrase or inscription in mind, zebrite has the perfect light up for you. Our set comes with two lights, so you can add either your favorite bible passage or quote to your home document. Plus, our set is sure to light up your home with just a little bit of fuel left in it when you're done!

Zebrite Bible Highlighter

There's no doubt that the zebrite bible highlighter is a beautiful addition to any home decor. This product creates a bright, beautiful response when you light it up, and it's perfect for adding a little lightening effect to a dark room.

Zebra Bible Highlighters

This kit comes with: -1 gel pen -1c pen -1f pen -1d pen -1e pen -1p pen -1pen -5 gels -5 pens -10 wipes these gels and pens can be used with the zebra bible to write in a clear, ink-based ink that is the same color as the cover of your book. The set also includes: -1f pen for writing in the numbers 1-10 -1d pen for writing in the numbers 11-20 -1e pen for writing in the numbers 21-30 -1p pen for writing in the numbers 31-40 -1pen -5 gels -5 pens -10 wipes If you're looking for a highlighter that will add a little bit of excitement and color to your bible, then the zebrite bible marking kit is the perfect option. This kit includes a double-ended ruler, as well as two highlighters: a blue highlighter and a green highlighter. Together, they can help to add a touch of life to your bible text. Another option would be to use the highlighters as light-up elements in your text, letting you indicate when a certain line has been reached. the zebrite bible marking kit includes a highlighter, underliner, pen, and ruler. This set provides you with everything you need to create a bible text marker. The set also includes a cheat sheet and a video tutorial. the zebrite bible marking kit set of 5 comes with a 5-piece set of ruler's. They're in black, green, red, blue, yellow, and inch sizes. The kit includes a.