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Bible Highlighters

This bible safe highlighters keychains are the perfect way to show your bible reading group how easy and fun bible reading is! 6 bright neon colors make this set the perfect way to show off your group's bible reading interests. Plus, the cool yellow and orange colors will make everyone in the group feel like they're getting the experience they deserve.





Highlighters For Bible

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Highlighter For Bible

The mr. Pen bible gels are a unique range of highlighters that will make your bible more visible and bright. They are made with a special gel that will notbleed through, meaning they will not lose opacity or visibility. This set includes 10 sets of highlighters, each with a different symbol. the 8-pack of highlighters in this set is sure to brighten up your bible in days. Each color providesociete opportunities to add flavor and flavor. The highlighters are made from a removablepen that makes them easy to store and clean. They also have a natural flavor that will make your bible come out looking betterand better in the do-it-your-own-style way. the bible safe highlighters colors yellow orange pink green blue are perfect for adding a bit of color to your text or infographic. Pen bible gel highlighters is a great marker for writing in the bible. It does notbleed through bible marker. This marker is perfect for highlight sections of books, papers, and other materials. It comes in a 10 pack and is made from durable materials.