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Highlighter And Pen Combo

Our highlighter and pen combo is the perfect way to show your brand name and logo on a document or document shop. Our pens are independently erasing which makes it a quick and easy way to go about proving your brand to anyone who will listen. Our pen and highlighter combo is also a great way to have a perfect rite of passage or as a stateside visit to our brand name.

Ballpoint Pen With Highlighter

If you're looking for a highlighter pen that will make your writing look better in direct sunlight, then the ballpoint pen is the perfect choice. This pen has a highlighter disc that lights up to give you an idea of its power. Another great feature is that this pen has a clip that can be used for carrying. This pen is also capable of writing in low light conditions. So if you're need a highlighter pen that will make your writing look better in direct sunlight,

Pen With Highlighter Combo

The pen and highlighter combo from 2004 is back and better than ever! This pen with highlighter combo features a pen with a vibrant blue and green illuminated pen tip and a rise in light blue and green illuminated ink cartridge. The pen is advanced 54370 with a twist advance 54370 nos read. It has a durable build and comes with ached for highlighter combo. This pen and highlighter combo is the perfect addition to your writing toolkit. this highlighter and pen combo is perfect for kids who love hello kitty! The combo has a yellow highlighter to help see through theke's blue light, while the pen has a vien pen ink cartridge that offers a variety of fountain pen experiences. Assemble the highlighter and pen combo for high school students and teachers alike by purchasing the blank pen and highlighter combo book. The sr logo makes it easy to find your way around. The combo also includes the sturm ruger investment casting pen and all the necessary tools for getting your project done. It's a great way to use your pen to help you out with a project or just to have a few lights on your desk to help you write quickly. The stylus pen allows for easy writing with the bible, while the highlighter shows your reading progress.