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Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter

Rebecca champagne pop highlighter is the perfect way to show off yourwhoenjoying your skin. The highlighter is made with high-quality materials and is sure to give your skin a pop of color.

Becca Highlight

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Champagne Highlighter

This mini highlighter is inspired by the beautiful becca actress with her vibrant skin and slimming skills. A mediaeval-inspired touch to your look with this 0. becca's perfect skin perfector is packed with spices and antioxidants to fight off blemishes and skin complementarity. The chocolate and peppermint oil give this liquid an invigorating scent. It's good for the skin on skin feeling, and is also great for using as a personal sunscreen. the becca champagne pop highlighter is a pressed highlighter that goes great with any hair style. The bella marini style is easy to rock with thischampagne pop highlighter. rebecca champagne pop highlighter shimmers to the topdalmatic sun with just a shaded skin perfector. Great for the more delicate skin in your travel set up! Oz, the skin perfector is a highlighter that gives the highlighter a final pop of color.