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Prismacolor Highlighting And Shading Set

This set of 24 prismacolor premier colored pencils is the perfect way to highlight and shade your text with perfect, vibrant colors.

Shading And Highlighting Drawing

Some people might think that this is a drawing that is just a lot of shading and highlights, but I don't think that is true. This is a drawing that is highlighting and shading together. It is both a more complex drawing and a more easy drawing. The main point of this is to make a drawing that is easy to read and understand. This can be used as a class or personal project for your students.

Prismacolor Highlighting And Shading

The prismacolor premier colored pencils are a great way to highlights and shade your artwork with 24 different colors. They are a poor man's way of using the powerful prismacolor colored pencils. this set of championing prismacolor pencils will help you to created highlighters and shadows with shades of blue and green. The pencils are a set and come with a 24hp set of red, green, blue and yellow pencils. this set of new prismacolor premier colored pencil set of 24highlighting and shading set is perfect for artists and writers who need the perfect amount of color to produce the perfect out-of-the-box look. With my previous set, you'll have the ability to create stunning highlights and shades with every drawing. this set comes with the 24 most popular colors, so you can find the right highlighting and shading tool for your needs. The set also comes with a 010-clip, so you can be sure your drawing will look perfect with every stroke. the prismacolor premier colored pencil set is the perfect way to increase your shading and highlighting skills. In 24 different colors, this set gives you the opportunity to create stunning results with light and dark colors.