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Highlights Puzzle Buzz

Highlights puzzle buzz books has got all the latest games and activities for your ecommerce journey. With hidden pictures, games, and stickers, you'll have a great time workers rowst stickered picture.

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Highlights Puzzle

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Highlight Puzzle Buzz

This is a highlight puzzle book which contain 4 pictures of a high school graduate. They are holding a trophy, being a rockstar, in a band, and finally, are playing a song from a classic album. The picture on the left shows how to complete the book. The picture on the right shows how to make the sticker. Puzzle buzz books has new activities stickers and pictures. This book has more! The book hashidden pictures, more pictures, and stickers. Highlights puzzle buzz is a great way to get people interested in what's new in the book industry and to help them identify what books are being published. If you're looking for highlights puzzle buzz 2 items, these are the right items for you! The pieces are of the same color, but different highs and lowlighters. What three things can you see in the background of the puzzle?